Gilbert And Sullivan, Opera


I’ve been busy with rehearsals for Iolanthe recently, they’re happening three+ times a week now.

Yesterday’s rehearsal was going over the first half of Act I. We made a few slight changes in one or two of the scenes, but otherwise everything is the same as it was before.
We got to watch the Pageboys rehearsal along with the Peers for the first time, so it was great to see their scenes for the first time! The three of them make a great addition to the show and will definitely steal the scenes they’re in. 😉

Tomorrow will be the rehearsal for the second half of Act I. I’m hoping that my costume might be close to completion, I can’t wait to try it on! The fairy costumes are made out of the most gorgeous materials and are in such fabulous colours.

The show starts on June 2, it’s getting very close! If you’re interested in getting tickets, you can do so here. (I also just stumbled across an Iolanthe Dinner and Show Package. Looks interesting!)


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