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My audition for “A Little Princess” unfortunately was not successful. I was however offered a position in the orchestra for playing either flute or violin. I thought it was a tempting offer, however I turned it down because as much as I’d love to do orchestra, I’m focusing more on the singing and acting parts in theatre. Perhaps I’ll look into doing orchestra sometime next year.

I also cancelled my “Thespis” audition. I really didn’t want to, as there were a few roles I was extremely interested in but I heard and noticed a few odd things about it, and I decided that it’s probably better for now to stay clear of it. Unfortunate, as it would have been a wonderful opportunity.

I have decided instead to see if I can focus more on a few other things – I have a film script that I’ve been told should be made into a film, and I have a few ideas for some books.

Speaking of books, I recently published my first ever ebook, Ruby. The story follows 17 year old Lachlan McLean, and how his life takes a turn for the better when Ruby moves in next door.


 “17 year old Lachlan McLean’s life is hard. As his parents bicker and fight he tries to make the best of things, and stop them from having goes at each other.

 When Ruby moves in next door, Lachlan’s life takes a turn for the better. For once in his life, he has a friend. But what can Ruby do to help him and his family get along again?”

I’m really excited because I’ve never published anything before, and this is the first time I’m able to share my writing with people. It’s really short, only four chapters long (22 pages, if I remember correctly). If people like it I might see if I can get another short story up before the end of the year.


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