A couple of weeks ago I was recently cast in a YouTube miniseries, called “Focus”. It’s about a group of university students who end up with mental powers – like telepathy and mind control. I’ve been cast as a lady called Jill, and I will also be singing in the soundtrack. I’m extremely excited for … More Focus


My audition for “A Little Princess” unfortunately was not successful. I was however offered a position in the orchestra for playing either flute or violin. I thought it was a tempting offer, however I turned it down because as much as I’d love to do orchestra, I’m focusing more on the singing and acting parts … More Ruby

Iolanthe Sitzprobe

Today we had the Iolanthe sitzprobe – which means that we had our first rehearsal with the orchestra. It went fairly smoothly, we had to go over a few songs multiple times to fix a few things, otherwise everything was fine. There were a few people in the orchestra who also volunteered for last years … More Iolanthe Sitzprobe


I’ve been busy with rehearsals for Iolanthe recently, they’re happening three+ times a week now. Yesterday’s rehearsal was going over the first half of Act I. We made a few slight changes in one or two of the scenes, but otherwise everything is the same as it was before. We got to watch the Pageboys … More Iolanthe


Welcome to my blog. My name is Willow Byrne. I’m a performer in Western Australia. I mainly do theatre work (Opera mostly), but as of late I’ve been getting involved in the film industry. I’m an ex-circus instructor, but I’d love to get back into it at some point. This blog is dedicated to all … More Welcome.