Productions – Current and Past


Current Productions:

Past Productions:

@ Dolphin Theatre, UWA. 2-4 June and 8-11 June 2016.

Welcome to the magical world of the fairies in Gilbert and Sullivan’s hilarious musical comedy about people and fairies falling in love with each other when they shouldn’t. Especially if you’re a politician and Member of the House of Lords!

You see ‘fairy law’ is very strict and the naughtiest fairy, Iolanthe has been banished from fairyland for marrying a ‘mere’ mortal and having a child who is, well… half and half. You can see his problem when he grows up and falls in love – as he does – as everyone does in Iolanthe – with the wrong one!

Love and laughter are eternal in a magical musical show from the masters of comedy and melody, where no one and nothing are what they seem. Plots, tricks and ‘fairy dust’ abound in this delicious and timeless family entertainment, equal to the more famous Mikado and Pirates of Penzance, that shows us that love really does rule our lives.

With a cast of 30 on stage, this hilarious fairy tale of Love and Politics in the corridors of power is given fresh appeal by renowned comic actor and director, Geoff Kelso, and musical director, Michael Brett.

The Pirates of Penzance
@ Dolphin Theatre, UWA. 28th-30th May and 3rd-6th June 2015

Make, or renew, your acquaintance with the beautiful Mabel (“poor wand’ring one”), love smitten Frederic, somewhat inept Pirate King, conniving Ruth, “’ullo, ‘ullo” police sergeant and, of course, that “very model of a modern major general”. Add to this a chorus of swashbuckling pirates, cowardly police, beautiful maidens and a full orchestra and you have a recipe for a great night, or afternoon, of entertainment for the whole family.

 About The Production
Young talents Joshua Walker and Lochlan Brown will direct the stage and music. Josh made a hit at the recent Fringe Festival with his production of “Breathless” (his adaptation of A Midsummer Nights Dream) and Lochy has just won a scholarship to study at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music.

The Rose of Persia (G&S Society)

Hansel and Gretel (The State Opera of South Australia)

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